Let it be a simple machine or a complex jet, Continuous maintenance and periodic updates are necessary for smooth operations. So does your website needs. If you are Lagging in knowledge of modern technologies or don’t have enough time to do it by yourself? Don’t worry, just be relaxed.  We are here not only to design and launch your website but also to maintain it always up to date…

Regular website maintenance is a key aspect in SEO strategy. The next web solutions offer seamless and proactive maintenance support for your website at affordable prices either as a package deal or pay as you go basis.  We offer different kinds of maintenance support as per our client’s requirements.

To be on top of business your website doesn’t  need just  proper maintenance but also needs time to time upgrade or updates with changes in your products or services,  so our dedicated and reliable project manager will be allocated for maintenance and continuous updating of your website content. Your website will be kept updated by,

Website Maintenance Services
  • Continuous or regular monitoring of websites for errors, bugs.
  • Periodic updates to website software, security patches and plugins
  • Removal of bugs, malware, spam data from pages and posts
  • Monitoring of 404 errors and fixing or redirecting of same
  • Keep track of  your website loading speed and maintain it above certain value
  • Regular security scans to identify and remove infected data and posts
  • Testing of website on multiple browsers and devices to ensure performance
  • removing or adding charts, pictorial and graphical representations, photos, pdf files etc. as per clients requirements
  • removing or adding web pages
  • Monitoring performance of your blogs and content, removing non performing blogs and adding fresh contents to top performing blogs etc.
  • Periodic page reviews to ensure accuracy and relevance of content, correction of grammatical and typo errors
  • regular announcement about new products and services introduced
  • updates on contact details of clients as and when required
  • Updates regarding events, news announcements, articles etc.
Website Maintenance Services
website maintenance

Our website maintenance package also offers,

  • SEO services, monitoring of site traffic and online competition
  • Services related to email accounts and news teller
  • Data backup services if required
  • periodic review of website structure, design and its upgrade
  • provide extensive research and content on several topics and submission of same on your web pages
  • use of different social media platforms for marketing of your products or services
  • Domain, sub domain related services like registration of new domain, renewal of current domain etc.
  • Bug fixing, tweaking
  • managing use of third party tools and applications on your website
  • Managing your social media content, blogs, website etc.
  • management of classified ads, e-mail marketing
  • Generation and use of different web links on website
  • Evaluation of work load against available manpower and resources to optimise the productivity

This long checklist might make you realise how important it is to maintain your website responsibly for stability and growth of your business. This all helps you not only to complete all your projects on time with great efficiency and in a professional way but also enables you to cope up with new business challenges. 

To handle and complete all these tasks in a profound manner we have dedicated experts in different sections like social media handler, administration, project management team, strategic experts etc. strong online marketing and an efficient SEO team is a backbone to boost revenue and maintain stability and this all is available at very affordable rates and in form of different flexible packages tailored specifically to suit individual clients requirements.