Have you ever passed a stately old house that must have looked great in its heyday, but has now fallen into a serious state of disrepair? Have you ever walked through a house with leaking pipes, a overgrown garden, and walls that have paint peeling off? We bet you have at some point, and the reason we mention this is because sometimes there can be a strange resemblance between the “real” physical world and the online world. And we are referring to the websites here; Websites, if left alone and neglected, tend to fall into disrepair (just like those old stately mansions) and we don’t want that to happen now, do we?

Sometimes your website is the first and only impression you make on your customers, and you want to make sure that impression is GOOD. And having a slow, unreliable, or buggy website is one of the best things you can do to disable your customers and make sure they never return to your website.

How does a website fall into disrepair in the first place? Well, many reasons, but lack of regular maintenance is a main reason, and indeed, the main reason why many websites start to act strange after a while. You see, a website is basically nothing more than a lot of code, and the code needs to be maintained / updated at regular intervals as well (just like that house we just talked about). Yes, regular website management and maintenance IS important: Website design and maintenance basically go hand in hand, one won’t do without the other after a while.

And despite what you may think, regular and proper maintenance is not as expensive as you might think, and you also don’t need to “turn over your website” to the web development company during maintenance. None of that is necessary, and you will see why when you opt for our professional website maintenance services from the Web Development Company.

Benefits of regular website maintenance

The benefits of regular web maintenance are multiple, but the number 1 reason why you should have a professional website maintenance company to maintain your site is so that it doesn’t suddenly fail under duress. Nothing is worse than attracting MANY customers to your website, and causing the site to crash, as they all shop simultaneously (and trust us, that’s happened before!).

That in itself should be reason enough, but there are other reasons, too. A regular maintenance contract is fairly inexpensive, but reviewing a website can be somewhat more expensive, not to mention tedious. It also requires very little effort to update all the modules of a site to the latest ones, so our recommendation is to do it regularly. It’s simple: just sign a web maintenance contract with us and we take care of everything – you can forget about everything and focus on your business!

What are the website maintenance services?

In general terms, web maintenance involves the following:

Website administration / maintenance: this means keeping all the modules on the website and updating those that are necessary (such as shopping carts, for example; it is ALWAYS recommended to have your shopping cart software updated).
Regular database “purge” – Many large sites have huge databases that contain all of the information displayed on the website, and just like a large and spacious closet, garbage accumulates in the database. Occasionally, as expired items, old content that no longer exists. on the site, and so on. All of this can hinder performance, speed, and reliability – no good! Our web development company will ensure that your database is kept up to date and “purged” of any unnecessary information to ensure speed and best performance.
Backend Updates – Your site’s backend may be “invisible” to your users, but it is one of the most important parts of your site, as it uses this feature to administer and manage the entire website. And the background code needs to be updated / modified as needed from time to time, to ensure a seamless site administration experience for you.
Adding content / pages to the website: This is important not only for keeping the site up to date, but also for optimal search engine optimization. The more recent the content and / or pages on a site, the higher Google’s rank will be, and the greater the chances that users will navigate to your site.

What options do I have in terms of payment, maintenance program, etc.?

Here we offer you many options, as each site is different and there is no “one size fits all” concept (especially when it comes to maintenance programs). However, rest assured that your data will remain absolutely secure during the process, and any required downtime will be agreed in advance according to your business requirements. In other words, YOU are in control of the whole process: we only deal with technological things.

One of the most common (and widely used) options is our “website maintenance agreement” model, where we bill you by the hour and give you a detailed summary of the work done within each hour. There are also other options, such as monthly contracts, but this is the most used (and recommended in most cases).

Discuss your project with us Contact us and we will discover which is the best option for you.